Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Salt - The Next Diet Villian?

Learn to shake the salt habit "A pinch here, a dash there, could salt really be so bad? Actually, sodium is shaking out to be the next diet villain."

The "next" diet villain? Haven't the nutritional authorities in government been vilifying sodium-chloride for years? Actually, I am with them on this one, except for one thing. That which they refer to as salt is a refined poison not fit for human or animal consumption. Salt, as it has been given to us by the Creator, is a complex of well over 70 trace elements necessary for life on planet earth. Are we not composed of salt of the earth? So why is it that government and industry can strip salt of every mineral except sodium and chloride and yet still be allowed to sell it as a legitimate consumable?

The salt has lost its minerals and man has lost his mind.

If you consume salt in its natural state, either gathered from clean sea water (if that's still possible), or mines deep below the earth, the array of life sustaining substances is dazzling. When life and minerals are in balance, no imbalance can occur from its rational consumption. Even blood pressure can be reduced, not raised, if the right kind of salt is utilized. People with hypertension are traditionally mineral deficient to varying degrees of severity. They are not going to get their minerals from blood pressure medication, that's for sure.

We do not necessarily need to reduce or eliminate salt intake. Most of us would benefit from an increase. I utilize the mineral crystal salt from Power Organics everyday. If your doctor is not already on board, educate him or her. They can't help that they learned very little nutrition in med school, but you can. In the mean, please pass me the (whole) salt...

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