Wednesday, June 25, 2008

National Kidney Foundation Slows Contribution to Kidney Disease, Halts Support of Fluoride

Headline: Lawsuits threatened over forced fluoride "Concerns about fluoridation are quickly surfacing as the National Kidney Foundation withdrew its support of the chemical additive..."

Is it really "quickly" when it's taken DECADES to acknowledge that mass-drugging of the population might not be a medically responsible practice? Do you like the idea of increasing the uptake of heavy metals in your body? As if any of us needed more.

"Fluoride in the water and mercury in their mouths" is one medically plausible reason as to the irrational and unconstitutional behavior endemic to Washington. D.C. and those that feed off it like parasites. There is growing awareness, however, as the recent reversals regarding the belief in the safety of mercury and fluoride by government regulators and private trade groups show. Perhaps the Fluoride Action Network is having an impact after all. Hats off to Dr. Paul Connett and his 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation.

It should be embarrassing for anyone with a Duh-gree to defend the mass drugging of the population with a neuro-toxic waste product (from aluminum mining, processing and other sources). If government bureaucrats finally agree to remove the fluoride, will they argue to replace it with statin drugs and SSRI's instead? Only medical collectivists could argue that it is for the "greater good" to drug EVERYBODY so that some people will not get "sick." All the while, the sickness is caused by the substance put in the water to prevent it.

One-size-fits-all prescribing is the hallmark of allopathic medicine. Impressive? This type of thinking results in hundreds of thousands of needless deaths every year. Although correcting this deranged thought form is better late than never, how many kidneys were destroyed prior to the National Kidney Foundation's withdrawal of support?

The fluoride dam is breaking. Hallelujah. Watch everyone's IQ rise accordingly. Of course, that would make the American Dental Association and American Medical Association look all the more foolish. What is the definition of justice?

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