Saturday, February 7, 2009

EPA: Drugs in the Water Must Mean We Need More Drugs to Clean Up This Economic Mess

Headline: World's highest drug levels entering India stream "Enough of a single, powerful antibiotic was being spewed into one stream each day to treat every person in a city of 90,000." Is this the new socialized medicine? No need to go to your doctor and pharmacy, just bathe in the stream.

Somehow, I do not think that is what Hillary meant by "universal" health care, but it's just as destructive. Enslaving the planet to pharmaceuticals is the inevitable result of the phony free market (monopoly medicine) and/or overt socialism (government-mandated health insurance for all).

One problem is the lack of understanding as to the true cause of disease. Disease does not result from a pharmaceutical drug-deficiency. Breast cancer is not due to a shortage of mammograms. Yet all proposed solutions, whether they be faux free market, or leftist paternalism, focus on allopathic drugs and licensed allopathic practitioners to the exclusion of that which is true prevention and health correction.

The business of disease is still disease, whether there be 250,000,000 payers or a single payer. As long as the government grants a monopoly to Big PHARMA and its representatives, the system does not change, and true health suffers, while the cancerous bureaucratic oligarchy metastasizes.

Your freedom to heal is only impeded by government interfering in a true free market. A real free market (not the illusory one we have been operating under for many decades) would include all healers and healing modalities competing on a level playing field. Where there is true competition, services become more efficient and more affordable.

News alert: Allopathic medicine does not have to compete with any healthcare system other than itself, so it has become grossly inefficient and extraordinarily expensive. At the same time, government involvement has stifled innovation, so that true breakthroughs in prevention and treatment are suppressed or banned. This may keep Big PHARMA's cash registers humming, but it keeps diseased people ever more diseased.

So, how is it that the world's waterways are becoming the circulatory system of the patented, synthetic substances of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex? If it is not by outright dumping, then it is simply a function of the human and animal bladder.

"Last year, The Associated Press reported that trace concentrations of pharmaceuticals had been found in drinking water provided to at least 46 million Americans."

Trace concentrations may not sound like much, but when you realize that life happens in trace concentrations, perhaps you will see the real failure of EPA and environmental organizations in "protecting" the public. Just like the rest of the unconstitutional rule-making bodies in Washington, D.C., they end up protecting industry over you and me.

Case in point: Why are environmental groups petitioning EPA to ban colloidal silver as a dangerous pesticide when nano-silver particles have existed naturally in streams all over planet earth since earth became a planet? At the same time, the REAL toxins (FDA-approved drugs) are causing asexual and hermaphrodite amphibians to pop up where there used to be none, while increasing infertility in higher mammals as well. Now we get word that trace amounts of other manmade chemicals are delaying pregnancies and increasing rates of miscarriage.

You want regulation? The regulators you may crave are actually complicit in this nefarious plot to flood planet earth in the chemical soup of Pfizer and Monsanto, just to name two of the many multinational chemical conglomerates. It is not just in "environmental" welfare where regulators are screwing up the natural order.

It is much the same with the current economy. Government regulations and mutant regulators are facilitating the demise of the economy and (eventually) the dollar along with it by carpeting planet earth with fiat Federal Reserve Note "dollars." Can you say "currency crash"?

Does anyone see a common theme running through this call for more government intervention to save us from that which government makes inevitable?

If the EPA does to the environment what the Fed is doing to the economy, its minions will claim that only more drugs in the water can clean up the problem we have with too many drugs in the water. I wish I were kidding.

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