Saturday, August 15, 2009

Health Care Overhaul to Create National I.D. Card

Headline: Drug industry helping Obama overhaul health care "Numerous people with knowledge of PhRMA's plans said they had been told it would likely reach $150 million and perhaps $200 million." If the drug industry is actually lobbying for it, why are Democrats so enthused?

I thought that only Republicans were in the pockets of BIG Pharma. I guess Obama can play that game, though he claimed to be an agent of change, not more of the same hopped up on FDA approved medications...

You want evidence that the federal government would be an abject failure at cost savings by delivering socialized medicine to the masses? Just look at the hundreds of millions spent on worthless and dangerous drugs and vaccines in preparation for a pandemic flu that may never arrive.

I can prevent, treat and cure influenza for pennies on the dollar with natural medicines and trace minerals. If I can do it, thousands of other natural healers could do the same.

Government, in its collectivist disease care mentality, looks at the people as if we are a herd of cattle. One size does not fit all in preventive care, much less the treatment of disease. The only way universal health care works is to water it down so that it is the same for everyone, except for the politicians, of course, who would never accept such a rotten deal.

I would argue that the goal of Obama-care is not the care of the people, but the completion of medical enslavement into the pharmaceutical industrial complex. That and a de facto national ID card.

No other industry has the money to lobby with more largesse such FDA-approved crap. Would you like to know how to get the people to welcome - even beg - for slavery? Drug them.

President Obama and the Democrats earn an "F" for their monstrous non-solution to what is called the health care crisis. Don't worry lefties, Republicans only earn a "D" - and that may be generous, just because they are not currently Democrats. Or are they?

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