Sunday, January 18, 2009

Expensive Drugs Expanding Market for Dietary Supplements in Deficient Economy

Headline: Weak Economy Has Many Skipping Doctors, Turning to Herbal Supplements "Whole Foods Market Inc. says its stores nationwide have seen an increase in sales of nutritional supplements and herbal products in the past several weeks."

The complaint used to be that dietary supplements were too expensive. But that was when health consumers were shielded from the true cost of pharmaceutical dependence by 3rd party payers (semi-private and government insurance). Now that jobs and health insurance coverage are being lost, the real economic costs of disease management vs. health care are being revealed.

Could the natural products industry be set to explode by default? When the people can't afford drugs, turning to dietary supplements is the next logical progression. Unless, of course, you believe that the answer is cheaper drugs from Mexico and Canada. I don't care how cheap you can find them, diabetes drugs, for instance, can NEVER reverse diabetes. GTF Chromium, however, a dietary food supplement CAN reverse diabetes for pennies on the dollar. Just don't ask the manufacturer to admit it. For the sake of their survival in our pharmaceutical tyranny, they will rightly disavow any knowledge of it.

Where do we go from here? The return of Hillary-care under Obama is the only way that the pharmaceutical industrial complex can maintain its monopoly stranglehold on nearly 15% of the U.S. GDP. Note to my Democratic friends:

"It is not to help the poor, but to enrich the elites."

Why do you think that environmental groups are petitioning the EPA to ban colloidal silver? To save the environment? Are you on "earth-muffin" drugs? Any tool that can increase the health sovereignty of the individual will come under increasing attack as the current medical-social order decays. It is decaying precisely because of the Federal Reserve-engineered economic collapse.

"The doctors are so much higher (in cost), the insurance isn't paying as much..."

Yeah, that's the superficial symptom, but the cure is most definitely NOT Socialized Medicine. What, dare say, could it be? Freedom. Sadly, this is something for which millions of Americans apparently no longer have the stomach.

I wonder if socialized medical mandates will include gastroenterologist intervention for anyone duped into believing that nutrition can prevent and reverse disease (and that drugs cannot). They already propose surgical removal of stomach parts for obese diabetic children, so how much more ludicrous and barbaric can it get? I am not sure that I want to know.

Paul Revere, where are you? The FDA is coming! The FDA is coming! Do you think that Barack Obama has a clue?

With the economy tanking, will you cower in fear and beg for a handout or stand up to the artificial creations of the state, including the bureaucratic oligarchy that stifles healing innovation and freedom? The people of the three branches of government have precipitated and continue to allow the health care (disease management) crisis to flourish. Should we look to them to solve the very problems they create?

I have a dream. A dream that Barack Obama recognizes that it is government that poses the biggest obstacle to health freedom and subsequently calls for an end to the reign of the bureaucratic oligarchy known as FDA.

After all, dreams are free; government handouts are not.

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